Ed’s Band History


1961 – 63
The MOD est Ones
Ed (Accordian, Bass Guitar) w/ Jim Stamper Drums) , Alan Chupu (Electric Guitar)

1964 - 66
Standing Room Only

Ed (Bass Guitar) w/ Alan Chupa Guitar), Jim Stamper (Drums),

Honorary members : (Lonnie Chupa, Greg Sarley, George Sipl)

1966 – 68
The Common Good
Ed (BassGuitar), w/ Steve Berry (Guitar) , Dennis Hayzaik (Guitar) , Dan Berardinelli (Drums),
Peggy Matthews (Vocals)

Ed (Bass Guitar), w/ Greg Sarley (Guitar), Jerry Micco (Harmonica, Vocals), John Yencha (Drums)

1969 – 70
The Revolution

Ed (Guitar) w/ Mike Dobrovich (Keyboards), Tim Kelly (Bass Guitar),
John Keppler (Guitar), Dave Turney (Drums) - (shown here with guest vocalist Mary Beth Allison)

Last Exit

Ed (Guitar), w/ Greg Sarley (Guitar), Mike Criscione (Keyboards), John Laube (Bass Guitar)r, Bob Traut (Drums)

1971 - 72
Decatur Hocum and The Stockmen

Ed (Guitar), w/ Joe Kostrek (Vocals), Don Slapnik, (Bass Guitar), Buddy Kummel (Drums)

1972 – 75

Ed (Guitar), w/ Tom Madej (Drums), Dale Taylor (Bass), Greg Sarley (Guitar), George Sipl (Keyboards)
(Russell Kotts)

1975 - 76
Decatur Hocum Band

Ed (Guitar), w/ Joe Kostrek (Vocals), Greg Sarley (Bass),
Joe Pianecki (Drums), Jerry Johnston (Piano)

The Butcher - Kruk Band
Ed (Guitar), w/ Chris Butcher (Bass), Bob Kruk (Guitar), Greg Sarley (Guitar), Anthony Vaccaro (Drums),
(Rick Harrison, Ralph Viviano)

1976 - 77
Front Page

Ed (Guitar), w/Tony Serio (Bass), (Gus Bruno), Mike Bruno (Drums), Kathy Eskins (Vocals), Russell Kotts Keyboards)

1977 – 79
Tony Vilardo & The New Wave

Ed (Guitar, Banjo, Saxophone), w/ Tony Vilardo (Vocals, Trumpet), Ernie Molner (Drums),
Dave Niksa (Bass), Pete Mancisio (Keyboards),
(Russ Kotts)

1978 - 79
The Sarley Brothers

Ed w/ Greg Sarley

Ed & Laura Sarley Duo

Ed w/ Laura Sarley


Ed (Guitar), w/ Don Chilcher (Drums), Dan Horton (Bass), Cathy Palcko (Vocals), and Rob Snyder (Keyboards)

1980 - 81
Night Music

Ed (Guitar, Keyboards), w/ Laura Sarley (Vocals), Doug Luks (Drums),
Greg Sarley (Guitar), Dan Horton (Bass)

1981 – 85
Special Delivery

Ed (Guitar), w/ Mike Criscione (Keyboards), Ernie Molner (Drums), Dave Niksa (Bass),

1986 – 95
Hocus Pocus

Ed (Guitar), w/ Mike Criscione (Keyboards)

1995 – 98
High Society
Ed (Guitar), w/ Ernie Molner (Drums), Tony Camerato (Bass),
Elizabeth Schmeltzer (Vocals),  Bob Albers (Keyboards), & "The Horn Dogs"

The Unavoidables

Ed (Guitar), w/ Billy Sullivan Guitar), Paul Sidoti (Bass), Rich Spina (Vocals, Keys, Sax), Michael Hudak (Drums), Mike Criscione (Keyboards)

The “Beautiful Things” Band

Ed (Vocals, Guitars), w/ George Sipl (Keys) , Mike Criscione (Keys), Jeff Ronay (Keys), Tony Camerato (Bass),
Lynn Jarrell (Vocals), Rich Spina (Vocals, Bass, Keys), Celeste Martinez (Vocals), Elizabeth Schmeltzer (Vocals),
Ernie Molner (Drums), Greg Sarley (Guitar), Paul Sidoti (Bass, Guitar), Billy Sullivan (Guitars)

Buzzy J & The Verbs

Ed (Guitsr), w/ Tim Ginley (Drums), Eric Sosinski (Bass), George Sipl (Keyboards)

1999 – 2000
The Buzz Band

Ed (Vocals, Guitar), w/ Sammy Free (Bass), Tommy Varga (Drums)

2001 – 2007
The Buzz

Ed (Vocals, Guitar), w/ Sammy Free (Bass), Cy Sulak (Guitar), Tommy Varga (Drums), George Sipl (Keyboards)

(Vince Broncaccio, Sam Romano, Tom Dobeck)

2010 –2012
Ed Sarley & The Survivors

Ed (Guitars), w/ George Sipl (Keyboards), Jeff Beam (Bass), Tim Tench (Drums)

2009 – 2017
Bob Gatewood and Calabash

Ed (Guitars, Keyboards)), w/ Bob Gatewood (Vocals, Guitars), Jeff Beam (Bass), Cy Sulak (Guitar), Erik Diaz (Drums)

(Mitch Piazza, Jefferson Rice)

2010 – 2014
The Blast

Ed (Guitar), w/ Jeff Beam (bass), Jim Stamper (Drums), George Sipl (Keyboards)

2001 – 2020
The GeezeCats

Ed (Guitar), w/ Guy DeNillo (Keyboards), Elbert Webb (Drums), Jeff Beam (Bass),

(Tracy Ramer, Jefferson Rice)

(E.B. Michael, Paul Lawson, John Lucic,
Phil Talbot, Billy Fischer,
Brian Davidson, Mark Dufresne)

2018 - Present
Ed Sarley Solo

2018 - Present
Those Guys

Ed w/ George Sipl


2010 – Present
Buzzy J & The Verbs

Ed w/ Tim Tench, Jeff Beam (Tim Ginley, David Bird)

Ed (Guitar), w/ Tim Tench (Drums), Greg Sarley (Bass)

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